Kateřina Jandová at EGU General Assembly

The EGU General Assembly brings together geoscientists from all over the world. This year it took place in Vienna, Austria, from April 8 to 13, 2018. Kateřina Jandová, a junior researcher of Center for Geosphere Dynamics was not only participating in this important meeting with her poster but also co-organizing scientific session GM3.3/BG2.8/CL4.27/SSS3.4 Chemical weathering, soil formation, and organic carbon mobilization across spatial and temporal scales. She presented her results on microbial utilization of geogenic organic matter based on 14C measurement of respired CO2 and microbial biomarkers. These very fresh results obtained during her research stay at the MPI for Biogeochemistry in Jena will hopefully make a nice paper soon.