About Center

The Center for Geosphere Dynamics (CGD) is a part of University Research Centers  (UNCE) and has been funded as a project no. UNCE/SCI/006 for the time period 2018-2023. It integrates especially young scientists from the best Earth Science research groups at Charles University, Faculty of Science. Center is based on previous excellent results obtained by individual research groups and is focused on combination of approaches for investigation of variability of geodynamic processes in time and space. The research will be focused on (ultra)fast to slow lithospheric and Earth surface processes, description of rates of evolutionary changes and dynamics of paleoecosystems related to these processes and the man- and climate-induced effects on these processes. Main aim is to integrate the knowledge into predictive models and to elucidate future behavior and feedbacks among (ultra)fast and slow geodynamic processes. The research will be based on application and combination of modern experimental approaches of investigation of geomaterials, isotope techniques and computer modeling.