Center for Geosphere Dynamics focuses on interdisciplinary research into the 4D (space and time) evolution and dynamics of human-influence on the Earth and explores possible scenarios how specific geodynamic processes can operate and evolve in the near and far geological future through the following research directions:

  • Research into anthropogenic impact on the Earth’s surface processes (fast, short Duration episodic events spanning days to minutes, such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and ultra-fast and ultra-short duration processes at micro- to nano-scale, which include chemical interactions over seconds to milliseconds) and slow processes in the lithosphere (slow, large-scale motions and deformation of lithospheric plates over long durations);
  • Examining the rates of evolutionary changes and dynamics of paleoecosystems in response to lithospheric and surface processes;
  • Prediction of the future behavior of and feedbacks among slow, fast and ultrafast geodynamic–biological–anthropogenic processes.