Farewell and final statistics

Here you find the statistics for the last year of the project (2023) and the overall scientific production data: more than 300 papers in high-ranked journals over the years 2018-2023 (mostly in Q1 and Q2 quartiles) and 15 completed PhD theses. A warm THANK YOU to all senior and junior researchers and technicians who helped to make this project a great success

Final seminar of the Center

You a cordially invited to a final seminar of the Center which will take place on November 23 at 2 pm in Ložiskové sbírky (room 120), Albertov 6 building. We will have a short a summary of the activities after 7 years of the UNCE/SCI/006 project and two presentations given by the junior researchers: Kateřina JandováAncient yet tasty: geogenic organic matter in decomposer food web and Ondřej ŠálekEstablishment of reference sites for mini-airborne gamma-ray spectrometry in the Czech Republic. The presentations will be followed by the discussion and light refreshment.

Lukáš Laibl in Respekt

A brand-new article about our junior researcher Lukáš Laibl and his research on trilobites can be found the recent number of Respekt. The full version of the article is available (for subscribers) here.

Alda Vieira successfully completed her PhD

On Tuesday September 19, 2023, Alda M. D. Vieira successfully completed her PhD thesis entitled “Mercury dynamics in soil systems: A comprehensive study on natural and anthropogenic sources using elemental and isotopic analysis”. This is the 15th completed PhD associated with the Center for Geosphere Dynamics since the beginning of this project in 2018. Congratulations, Alda, and good luck for your future job!
Alda with her supervisor Dr. Maria Vaňková, and referees Drs. Barbora Doušová and Tomáš Navrátil.

Successful completion of PhD by Kateřina Němečková

On Monday March 20, 2023, Kateřina Němečková associated to the Center for Geosphere Dynamics successfully defender her PhD thesis entitled „Detecting biomarkers of expremophiles in Martian analogues“ under the supervision of prof. Jan Jehlička. On the photo with her supervisor and one of the reviewers, prof. Peter Vandenabeele from Ghent University (Belgium) and other members of the comittee. Congratulations!

Rafael Baieta completed his PhD

On December 14, 2022, Rafael Baieta successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “A study of the behavior of selected metals in affected environments using isotopic approach” completed under supervision of prof. Martin Mihaljevič. On the photo you find Rafael with the external reviewers Dr. Tomáš Navrátil (left) and Dr. Václav Tejnecký (right). Congratulations, Rafael!